Welcome to Sunwater Pet Resort

Our Mission

Our mission at Sunwater Pet Resort is to create an unparalleled experience for both cherished pets and their devoted parents.  We recognize the significance of not just  physical safety but also emotional well-being and are dedicated to ensuring the utmost care for every furry family member entrusted to us.  We equally embrace the trust placed in us by pet parents and take pride in fostering  open and  transparent communication  about their pet’s well-being and experience during their time with us.

Your Experience

Whether your pet’s stay is an hour, a day or a week, they immediately become an integral part of our extended family upon setting a paw on our premises. Nestled in a cozy country setting, Sunwater offers a haven where our attentive staff pampers, plays, and provides a sense of belonging for each pet. If you are looking for a place that not only brings your pet comfort but extends that same warmth and assurance to you then you can be confident you have found it at Sunwater.